At Allstar we don't think you should have to wait...ever.

That approach has led to advances such as the OVSE (Online Vehicle Search Engine).  If your vehicle was towed, click the "Find Vehicle" tab and follow the directions for speedy retrieval.

Have a vehicle to be towed or cited now?  Want an Allstar Agent to contact you concerning a parking problem on your property?  Click the "Contact" tab, or call now!  214.819.3028

Need directions?  The "Locations" tab depicts our current storage locations and has an interactive Mapquest app at your fingertips.

Want to know the types of service provided by Allstar?  Private Property Impounds?  Repossessions?  Garage Tows?  Unlocks?   Motor Clubs?  Big Rigs?  Allstar does it all, and the "Services" tab will steer you in the right direction.

If you're one of Allstar's returning "Members"...hey, you know what to do.

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